AdaLite 3.0.0 development update

AdaLite wallet
4 min readMar 20, 2019

Although AdaLite is a completely open source and non-profit project, we at Vacuumlabs know that this project found its user base in the Cardano community and we still believe it deserves further development. We have a small team that is working on the project passionately and although there were not many updates in past months, AdaLite team was working hard to bring you many new features in the 3.0.0 release in March.

First of all, we have been refactoring and improving our back-end services for a few months. This allowed us to achieve full interoperability with Yoroi (and other Icarus-based) wallets. This is beneficial especially for Trezor T users as they can now freely move between Yoroi and AdaLite interfaces. The same applies to standard mnemonic wallet users so if anything happens to any of these wallets, the users can always fall-back to the other one in case of emergency.

On the front-end side of the project, we managed to deploy a completely new user interface design with a focus on improvement in user experience with our wallet. So far we received only positive feedback but if you encounter any inconsistency or space for improvement, please let us know.

The main page allows you to choose the access method to your wallet or create a new mnemonic wallet. If you want to try the look and feel of the interface but don’t want to create a new wallet, use the “Try the demo wallet” link under the access selection tab.

The main feature of the new design is that we have fit all the wallet functionalities on a single screen. All the functionalities are intuitive and should be easy to operate for anyone.

Trezor users can verify the addresses by clicking on the “View more” link next to the address following a click on “Verify on Trezor”.

We also did some minor updates to the help section but there is still some work to be done here.

One of our developers started to work on a Trezor T memory management optimization for Trezor Cardano app since we identified bottlenecks in the size of the transactions it is currently able to process.

Additionally, we updated the Trezor T Cardano user interface to provide a better user experience. This is applicable also to Yoroi wallet Trezor users and was released by Trezor at the beginning of the March.

Probably the most wanted news for the community is that you can expect support for Ledger Nano S coming in the following weeks. This integration was developed by Vacuumlabs and funded by Cardano Foundation. The development process was coordinated with Emurgo and IOHK (architecture and UI). The app currently is in the Ledger review process and it should be released for AdaLite and Yoroi at the same time. We are bold to say that in the present time, the Cardano Ledger app is maybe the most secure cryptocurrency integration out there.

In the following months, we will be focusing on the upcoming Shelley protocol update. This will require a lot of work on the back-end side and we are also hoping to include a staking delegation interface.

Another challenge in the upcoming weeks and months will be the update of HW wallets firmware to allow Shelley support. This will involve huge changes in the code, not only because of the introduction of staking but also because of breaking changes in the protocol itself. Staking delegation from the HW wallets can be expected, although it is too early to confirm anything yet.



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