Update Aug 12 2021:
We will support Catalyst Fund6 voting registration which starts on the 12th of August, 11:00 UTC and ends on the 30th of September. All wallets (Trezor, Ledger, Mnemonic) are supported. The voting registration steps are the same as in Fund4 and the rest of this article will walk you through it.
IMPORTANT: If you successfully registered and voted in Fund4 or Fund5 and you still have the QR code and PIN code, your registration is valid in Fund6 as well. If you meet these conditions, you do not have to register again.

Adalite will support catalyst…

AdaLite is introducing the concept of wallet accounts. Apart from other benefits, this should allow the users to delegate to multiple staking pools from a single wallet. When compared to standard banking products, accounts in cryptocurrency wallets work similarly as sub-accounts to your main bank account. Please note, as of now, the accounts are supported only on AdaLite and you won’t be able to access funds transferred to accounts other than the first account on different wallets such as Daedalus and Yoroi. …

The staking ecosystem in Cardano is growing and maturing. The number of pools that created at least one block increased dramatically in past months and with the growing Cardano price, more people are interested in the staking business on Cardano.

In Cardano stake pool operations there are 2 roles — Operator and Owner. The Operator is operating the stake pool, Owner (or Owners) is holding the keys to the wallet that is providing the Pledge. It is extremely important to protect Owner's private keys because they are holding the pledge and also the pool rewards.

It was impossible to use…

IOHK has announced that the staking k-parameter will be changing to 500 on December 6th. In this article, we will explain the effect on stake pools and stake delegators and explore in more detail what it means for the network.

Let’s start with a summary of the actions needed from all stake delegators, please read at least the following 3 paragraphs if you own ADA.

The size of k-parameter directly affects the saturation level of stake pools. Saturation level represents the upper limit of the desired stake delegated to a pool. Any stake delegated to a pool above the saturation…

Before start

Download Cardano app onto your Ledger device

Follow the instructions on the Ledger site to install the Cardano app and allow your Ledger device to work with Cardano blockchain.

Access your Cardano wallet on Ledger Nano S with AdaLite

Make sure that the site you are visiting is https://adalite.io. Plug in your Ledger Nano S, enter your PIN code and choose Cardano app.

Ledger device should be in Waiting for commands… mode

Although AdaLite is a completely open source and non-profit project, we at Vacuumlabs know that this project found its user base in the Cardano community and we still believe it deserves further development. We have a small team that is working on the project passionately and although there were not many updates in past months, AdaLite team was working hard to bring you many new features in the 3.0.0 release in March.

First of all, we have been refactoring and improving our back-end services for a few months. This allowed us to achieve full interoperability with Yoroi (and other Icarus-based)…

TLDR: AdaLite now offers backward compatibility with Icarus-based wallets (such as Yoroi) for both mnemonic and Trezor.

Almost one year passed from the inception of AdaLite. In the meantime, we developed the Cardano Trezor integration and currently, we are (together with Cardano Foundation and Emurgo) working on Ledger integration that will be released soon.

Back then it was only AdaLite or Daedalus but now the Cardano community has access to many more wallets, the best of them based on Icarus Cardano light wallet reference implementation. But AdaLite is still the only web-based light wallet in the Cardano ecosystem and we would like to express gratitude to all our users and supporters.

Back when we started with the…

The community around Cardano platform has been crying for a more convenient way to interact with the Cardano blockchain, store and transfer Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency for quite some time. A few weeks ago, the only option was the official Daedalus heavy wallet. It’s inconvenient to install as it requires to download and synchronize its own copy of blockchain initially and during each startup.

Earlier this year, we at VacuumLabs, as big fans and holders of Cardano cryptocurrency, have decided that we will help the Cardano ecosystem by developing light secure multi-platform wallet. Our goal was to develop a solution that…

AdaLite wallet

AdaLite.io — lightweight, in-browser wallet for Cardano with Trezor support

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