Update 7/7/2021:
We will support Catalyst Fund5 voting registration which rolls out on 8th of July, 16:00 UTC. All wallets (Trezor, Ledger, Mnemonic) are supported.
Currently, there is a blank security passphrase bug on Trezor version 2.4.0 that will be fixed in the next release on 14th of July. For now,
consult our troubleshooting to bypass this issue. The Catalyst Fund5 registration ends on 19th of July, so there is plenty of time for Trezor users to update their version and thus fix this bug. The voting registration steps are the same as in Fund4 and the rest of this…

AdaLite wallet

AdaLite.io — lightweight, in-browser wallet for Cardano with Trezor support

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